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Diagnostic tool for detection of Napier Stunt Disease

Napier grass is forage ofgreat importance to intensive livestock production. However, its productivitycan be greatly reduced by Napier stunt disease if timely management is notimplemented. Timely management is only possible if timely diagnosis is ... Read more.

Digital vegetation charting technique for monitoring rangeland condition at local scale

Insub-Saharan Africa, rangelands cover 494.2 million hectares. This vast area ischaracterised by harsh conditions with low and erratic rainfall. Historically,these rangelands have diverse plant communities, produ... Read more.

Drip irrigation and manure application for vegetable and fodder production

Sub Saharan Africa is faced with prolonged droughts leading toacute water shortages, which greatly hampers crop as well as animalproductivity. However, this can be mitigated through adoption of waterharvesting technologies tha... Read more.

Drought tolerant and Striga resistant sorghum and pearl millet varieties combined with moisture conservation, right time of planting and optimal fertilizer application

Sorghum and pearl millet are the most important sources of staplefood and animal feed in Eritrea. The grain is primarily used for foo... Read more.

Drought tolerant maize for the arid and semi-arid areas of Eastern Africa

Climate change will havesignificant impacts on agriculture, particularly in East Africa where there issuch variation in topography and climate; and make the challenges of ensuringfood security and reducing poverty even harder. ... Read more.

Early-maturing and drought tolerant barley lines for low moisture areas and adaptation to climate change

§Newbarley varieties combining earliness and adaptation to low moisture conditionsthat reduce the effects of climate change. §Barleyis widely grown in the highland of East Africa where it is bo... Read more.