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Category: Institutional Innovations (Innovations, Training Services & Management Practices)
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Analytical framework for identifying institutional barriers

The framework is a step-wise procedure to identify institutionalbarriers to mainstreaming Integrated Natural Resources Management (INRM) and aqualification of their impacts. This framework informs partner institutions ofthe methods of analys... Read more.

Biogas Innovation in Serengeti Mara Ecosystem

Biogas is clean, non-polluting, smoke- and soot-free fuel. Biogascan be produced from cattle dung through a process called digestion. The biogascan also be used in generating electricity. The Masai Mara Maasai communitygraze a lot of cattle during the day... Read more.

Commercialized supply of training and certification services to improve quality and safety of animal products and exploit market demand

Informalmarkets, small volumes and largely generic products make productdifferentiation difficult. This stifles innovation towards value addition inresponse to marke... Read more.

Effective policies for Payment for Environmental Services (PES)

Development of policies that ensure institutionalization of thePayment for Environmental Services (PES) at governance and household levels isnecessary to facilitate its (PES) implementation in ECA region for conservationof productive lan... Read more.

Establishment of community eco-lodges and campsite innovations in Serengeti Mara Ecosystem

Although tourism is a key sector of the Kenyan and Tanzanian economy, a large percentage of the profits have historically gone to large and mostly foreign-owned tourism companies. This is particularly so... Read more.

Establishment of woodlots and domestication of medicinal plants innovation in the Serengeti Mara Ecosystem

Wood fuel consumption constitutes an important element of the human population pressure on woodlands in the Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem (SME). Firewood is the most accessible form of fuel fo... Read more.