The ASRAECA technologies, innovations and management practices (TIMPs) is an output of a collaborative effort that brings together farmers, scientists, and other partners in the East and Central Africa (ECA). The aim is to generate, share and promote knowledge and innovations to solve common problems in agriculture in the ECA member countries and contribute to productivity and growth of the sector. ASARECA’s partners who contribute to these TIMPs mainly include: farmers, national, regional and international research institutions; extension, and training organizations; public and private sector actors; Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and development agencies.  These TIMPs have been generated over the ASARECA operational plan 1 (OP1) period between 2008-2013; which was drawn from its strategic priorities (ASARECA Strategic Plan 2007-2016).

During operational plan 1, ASARECA supported more than 90 research projects and generated over 400 TIMPs. These TIMPs were mainly generated from ASARECA supported projects that were completed during OP1. These TIMPs are broadly organized under the following key categories:

  1. Crop Management
  2. Fisheries and Livestock Management
  3. Value Addition and Marketing
  4. Manuals and Standards
  5. Institutional Innovations
  6. Natural Resources Management

The information on the TIMPs was provided by the ASARECA implementing partners and compiled by the Knowledge Management and Upscaling Programme in close collaboration with other programs and units of ASARECA. The ASARECA TIMPs is an information resource that can be used to facilitate scaling out for wider adoption. ASARECA envisages that end-users will find these TIMPs useful in the efforts to increase the spread and impact of science and technology in smallholder agriculture. It is hoped that this will ultimately contribute to the goal of higher and sustained rates of agricultural growth and transformation in the ECA region