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East African Standards for Cassava and Potato products

Development of harmonized standards for cassava, sweet potato and potato products was carried out with the National Bureaus of Standards of the five East African Community member states. The 25 standards have a direct bearing on cassava, sweet p... Read more.

Development of Appropriate Protocols for Making Ready to Drink Passion Fruit Juice

Description of the protocols The innovation is the development of appropriate protocols for making ready-to-drink juice. Passion fruit is a high value crop and farmers normally sell the fruit, but adoption of value-a... Read more.

Diagnostic tool for detection of Napier Stunt Disease

Napier grass is forage ofgreat importance to intensive livestock production. However, its productivitycan be greatly reduced by Napier stunt disease if timely management is notimplemented. Timely management is only possible if timely diagnosis is ... Read more.

Digital vegetation charting technique for monitoring rangeland condition at local scale

Insub-Saharan Africa, rangelands cover 494.2 million hectares. This vast area ischaracterised by harsh conditions with low and erratic rainfall. Historically,these rangelands have diverse plant communities, produ... Read more.

Process for Formulation of Sustainable Land Management Bye-laws

Efficient and effective community-based natural resource management is guided by well-outlined byelaws. However, most grassroots community members lack the prerequisite capacity for developing byelaws on their own and hence require trai... Read more.

Protocol for making ready-to-drink passion fruit juice

The protocol comprises of appropriate steps for makingready-to-drink juice. Passion fruit is a high value crop grown by some smallscale farmers who normally sell the fruits. However, adoption of value-additiontechnologies would further enhance th... Read more.