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East African Standards for Cassava and Potato products

Development of harmonized standards for cassava, sweet potato and potato products was carried out with the National Bureaus of Standards of the five East African Community member states. The 25 standards have a direct bearing on cassava, sweet p... Read more.

ALLGRAIN Food Extruder

The role of post-harvest management in assuring the quality and safety of produce is of significant importance in crop production. The ALLGRAIN food extruder was invented to improve the post handling of cereals such as maize and rice. The basic components of the ALLGRAIN food e... Read more.

Banana Ripening, Juice processing and Wine processing Technologies

a. Ripening Uniformity of ripening is a ey challenge for good postharvest handling of banana fruits. In Rwanda, the most commonly used method for ripening is the underground technique which involves digging a pit (called “Urwin... Read more.

Farmer preferred striga weed resistant Sorghum varieties

Strigahas been known as a major biotic constraint of economic importance for cereal-based cropping systems. It normally results in low yields, hence affecting the incomes of farmers. The development and utilization of Striga-resistant sorghum ... Read more.

Nutrient Feed Blocks

The problem Grasses and crop residues contribute over 80% of the fodder fed to dairy cattle and goats in smallholder dairy systems. However, the quality and quantit y of the grasses and crop residues decline (<10% crude protein) during the dry season resulting in a reduction... Read more.

Processing of Mango Juice for sale in urban markets

Traditionally common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) are of great importance for household food and nutrition security, both for the rural and urban populations. Beans are high in antioxidants, fibre, cholesterol-free dietary protein, B vitamins, iron... Read more.