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Category: Institutional Innovations (Innovations, Training Services & Management Practices)
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Establishment of community conservancies in Serengeti-Mara ecosystem

Most of Kenya’s and Tanzania’s biodiversity exists outside the network of national parks and reserves, predominantly in private and communal land. Therefore, wildlife conservation has over the years required support fro... Read more.

Establishment of community museums innovation in Serengeti Mara Ecosystem

Communities around the Serengeti Mara Ecosystem (SME) are richly endowed with cultural, natural and biodiversity resources that can be used to create community museums for local and international tourism. The local communities ... Read more.

Establishment of ecotourism bird watching innovation in Serengeti Mara Ecosystem

Bird watching is a leading recreational activity in the world which provides a booming international business opportunity that can attract high returns from visitors. This boosts rural tourism and can support livelihoods... Read more.

Free range poultry farming innovation in Serengeti Mara Ecosystem

Free range poultry farming is an alternative chicken rearing systemfor egg and chicken meat production (Figure 1). However, there is a generallack of awareness of the potential of this system at household level in theregion. Many local... Read more.

Game bird rearing and licensed game bird hunting innovation in Serengeti Mara Ecosystem

There has been little focus on sport hunting of game birds (birdshooting) as a commercial enterprise in Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem (SME) in Kenyaand Tanzania. However, sustainable utilization (in terms of financialp... Read more.

Innovation for bulletins for early warning in pastoral areas

The innovation bulletins for early warning in pastoral areasfeatures a summary of weather indicators as well as their interpretation andreliability to communities. This is particularly important given the weatherextreme events and manifesta... Read more.