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Commercialized supply of training and certification services to improve quality and safety of animal products and exploit market demand

Informalmarkets, small volumes and largely generic products make productdifferentiation difficult. This stifles innovation towards value addition inresponse to marke... Read more.

Community Macro Propagation Technology for Multiplication of Clean Banana Planting Material

Banana (Musa spp) is a major crop in Africa, and serves both as a food crop as well as a cash crop. It’s a staple food for over 25 million people in Eastern and Central Africa (ECA) sub region. The crop ... Read more.

Community-based breeding programmes for small ruminants

Climaticvariability and the associated risk of crop failure has increased, causingsignificant rural populations to depend on food aid. One way to improvefarmers’ resilience is to diversify income by fully utilising the productivepotential of a... Read more.

Cover crops as a compliment to crop residues in Natural Resource Management: Dolichos lablab intercrop with maize (Vumilia K-1) residues with DAP (no urea)

Two (2) farmer participatory studies on maize legume croppingsystem were conducted in Northern Tanzania in the districts of Babati, Karatu,Arumer... Read more.