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Index-based livestock insurance: Helping pastoralists manage the risk of drought-related livestock losses

Like anyinsurance product, index-based insurance aims to compensate clients in theevent of a loss. Unlike traditional insurance, which makes payouts based oncase-by case assessments of individua... Read more.

Innovation for bulletins for early warning in pastoral areas

The innovation bulletins for early warning in pastoral areasfeatures a summary of weather indicators as well as their interpretation andreliability to communities. This is particularly important given the weatherextreme events and manifesta... Read more.

Integrating single stem removal and suspension of use of cutting tools in cultural control of Banana Xanthomonas Wilt (BXW)

Cultural control practices seem feasible in the management of Banana Xanthomonas Wilt. However, there is an option of removing a single infected plant from the infected mat, th... Read more.

Kenyan FPSV Ochuti with Striga resistant QTLs introgressed in BC3F1 and BC3F2

Development of Kenyan FPSV Ochuti (with Striga resistance)technology; was done using Marker Assisted Selection to introgress Strigaresistance Quantitative Trait Loci (QTLs) from an Indian durra N13 into alocally preferred s... Read more.

L34 P39_QTL J, L34 P34_QTL B (partial introgression) and L11 P10_QTL J.

The backcross seeds of Ochuti, a farmer-preferred sorghum variety in Kenya wereintrogressed with Striga resistance QTL. Backcross seeds of Ochuti weredeveloped from the following backcrosses: Marker Assisted Selection was used to... Read more.

Linkage map of sorghum N13X E36-1 based -RIL populations

The root hemiparasitic weed Striga hermonthica is a serious constraint to sorghum grain production in the ECA. A genetic linkage map of sorghum of N13X E36-1 based -RIL populations are geared at displaying locations of candidate striga genes he... Read more.