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Establishment of ecotourism bird watching innovation in Serengeti Mara Ecosystem

Bird watching is a leading recreational activity in the world which provides a booming international business opportunity that can attract high returns from visitors. This boosts rural tourism and can support livelihoods... Read more.

Farmer preferred striga weed resistant Sorghum varieties

Strigahas been known as a major biotic constraint of economic importance for cereal-based cropping systems. It normally results in low yields, hence affecting the incomes of farmers. The development and utilization of Striga-resistant sorghum ... Read more.

Fine mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci (QTLs) associated with Striga resistant genes in sorghum

The root hemiparasitic weed Striga hermonthica is a serious constraint to sorghum production in the ECA. Fine mapping of QTLs associated with Striga resistance in sorghum innovation was underta... Read more.

Improved Forage Chopper

The problem The zero-grazing livestock production system is characterized by high feed requirements and high labour demands. Forage processing for zero-grazing animals requires planting and caring for forage just like the other seasonal crops, and then harvesting, transporti... Read more.

Linkage map of sorghum N13X E36-1 based -RIL populations

The root hemiparasitic weed Striga hermonthica is a serious constraint to sorghum grain production in the ECA. A genetic linkage map of sorghum of N13X E36-1 based -RIL populations are geared at displaying locations of candidate striga genes he... Read more.

Nutrient Feed Blocks

The problem Grasses and crop residues contribute over 80% of the fodder fed to dairy cattle and goats in smallholder dairy systems. However, the quality and quantit y of the grasses and crop residues decline (<10% crude protein) during the dry season resulting in a reduction... Read more.