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Enhancing post-harvest storage and quality improvement of crop residues as livestock feed in arid and semi-arid areas : Quality improvement of the crop residues as livestock feed

Ruminant livestock is the mainstay of a majorityof smallholder rural farmers in the ASALs. Therefore, any factor affecting... Read more.

Establishment of community eco-lodges and campsite innovations in Serengeti Mara Ecosystem

Although tourism is a key sector of the Kenyan and Tanzanian economy, a large percentage of the profits have historically gone to large and mostly foreign-owned tourism companies. This is particularly so... Read more.

Establishment of woodlots and domestication of medicinal plants innovation in the Serengeti Mara Ecosystem

Wood fuel consumption constitutes an important element of the human population pressure on woodlands in the Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem (SME). Firewood is the most accessible form of fuel fo... Read more.

Establishment of community conservancies in Serengeti-Mara ecosystem

Most of Kenya’s and Tanzania’s biodiversity exists outside the network of national parks and reserves, predominantly in private and communal land. Therefore, wildlife conservation has over the years required support fro... Read more.

Establishment of community museums innovation in Serengeti Mara Ecosystem

Communities around the Serengeti Mara Ecosystem (SME) are richly endowed with cultural, natural and biodiversity resources that can be used to create community museums for local and international tourism. The local communities ... Read more.