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Category: Livestock and Fisheries Management (Livestock Feeds)
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Modified Bee Keeping Innovation in Serengeti Mara Ecosystem

Most communities that haveengaged in bee keeping have used traditional log hives. These hives produceonly a small volume of crude honey. The poor harvesting techniques used bytraditional bee keepers destroy the quality of honey (colour, smel... Read more.

Nutrient Feed Blocks

The problem Grasses and crop residues contribute over 80% of the fodder fed to dairy cattle and goats in smallholder dairy systems. However, the quality and quantit y of the grasses and crop residues decline (<10% crude protein) during the dry season resulting in a reduction... Read more.

Optimal phosphate rate for lablab yield and marginal rate of return

Many times scientists have considered maximum yields in developingfertilizer recommendation with no emphasis on the economics involved. However,it has been noted that the rate of fertilizer use, that results in the highestyield does ... Read more.

Rumen liquor as inoculums for in-vitro gas production technique for feed evaluation

Rumen liquor from slaughtered cattle can be used for feedevaluation using in-vitro gas production technique; even in the absence of a CO2delivery system. Since this source of liquor is easily accessible, foragegermpla... Read more.