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Category: Crop Management (Crop Varieties)
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Decapitation technique for clean banana planting material

Use of clean seed is important for increasing crop production as well as a key strategy for controlling pests and diseases in vegetatively propagated crops such banana. The decapitation technique is a locally available technology that can enha... Read more.

Development of Molecular Markers Associated with Cassava Brown Streak Disease (CBSD) in Cassava

CBSD is a major threat to food security in the ASARECA region and the development of resistant cultivars is therefore of primary importance to farmers Cassava brown streak disease (CBSD) and cassa... Read more.

Development and promotion of cashew through improved germplasm, agronomic practices and value addition

Cashew(Anacadium occidentale) is a large tree crop that belongs in the same family asmangoes. It grows best in sandy soils, in areas of as low as 500 mm ofrainfall. It has significant potential for... Read more.

Drought tolerant and Striga resistant sorghum and pearl millet varieties combined with moisture conservation, right time of planting and optimal fertilizer application

Sorghum and pearl millet are the most important sources of staplefood and animal feed in Eritrea. The grain is primarily used for foo... Read more.

Drought tolerant maize for the arid and semi-arid areas of Eastern Africa

Climate change will havesignificant impacts on agriculture, particularly in East Africa where there issuch variation in topography and climate; and make the challenges of ensuringfood security and reducing poverty even harder. ... Read more.

Early-maturing and drought tolerant barley lines for low moisture areas and adaptation to climate change

§Newbarley varieties combining earliness and adaptation to low moisture conditionsthat reduce the effects of climate change. §Barleyis widely grown in the highland of East Africa where it is bo... Read more.