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Soil and water management technologies and drought tolerant maize varieties

The use of appropriate soil and water management practices formaximizing water use efficiency on smallholder farms usually results inimproved crop productivity. A number of regional, sub-regional and nationalresearch initiati... Read more.

Stem rust- (Ug99) and stripe rusts-resistant, drought tolerant, high yielding, high quality bread and durum wheat lines

Thevariety Maamouri 3 was released in Ethiopia for dry and irrigated areas. Otherdurum varieties released, such as Malefia and Bakalcha and promising lines wereidentified in the Na... Read more.

Sustainable processing and utilization of Prosopis juliflora pods

Prosopis spp has been demonstratedto have a wide range of ecological and socio-economic benefits (Mwangi andSwallow, 2008; Wambusya, 2013) that can be exploited to benefit communitiesliving in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs). As a res... Read more.

Technology Package for Improved high yielding rice varieties : Rice variety – X265 or Mailaka

Rice is an important staple crop which is now being promoted inlowland areas of the ECA sub region. Lowland areas are known to face challengesin producing rice; thus the need to promote use of improved hig... Read more.

The infection and treatment method of vaccination against East Coast fever (Theileria parva infection)

Theinfection and treatment method (ITM) is a method of vaccination, which involvesthe simultaneous inoculations of live Theileria parva parasites and theantibiotic oxytetracycline. T. parva is tran... Read more.

Treadle pump

Many irrigation options are available on the market. However, theyare costly for the majority of small-scale farmers, resulting in a low adoptionrate. This calls for development of low-cost gender-sensitive irrigationtechnologies such as the treadle pump. A treadle pump is a low-head, ma... Read more.