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Category: Natural Resource Management (Soil and Water Conservation)
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Evergreen agriculture for improving livelihoods and for climate change mitigation and adaptation in semi-arid areas : FMNR in farmlands

Depletionof tree resources in semi-arid areas has resulted in declining agriculturalproductivity, and reduced availability of firewood and fodder, resulting inchroni... Read more.

Minimum tillage with cover crops and drought tolerant maize varieties

Conservation Agriculture (CA) involves growing crops withpermanent or semi-permanent cover crops using technologies that ensure minimumsoil disturbance. Minimum or zero tillage, direct seeding and crop rotation areimportant element... Read more.

Responding to climate variability and change through improving agricultural water productivity

The low input agriculture widely practiced by farmers in the ECA region cannot meet the growing demand for food and cash income whilst the high risk associated with the variable weather conditions acts as a... Read more.

Soil and water management technologies and drought tolerant maize varieties

The use of appropriate soil and water management practices formaximizing water use efficiency on smallholder farms usually results inimproved crop productivity. A number of regional, sub-regional and nationalresearch initiati... Read more.

Use of biodigester as an environmentally friendly source of energy and climate change mitigation measure

Biogasdigesters take organic material such as animal dung into an air-tight tank,where bacteria break down the material and release biogas – a mixture of mainlymethane with some carbon dioxide.... Read more.

Use of crop residues in a crop-livestock farming systems

Research on utilization of crop residue for soil fertilityimprovement or as livestock feed is not new even though past efforts haveconcentrated mainly on independent and isolated use of crop residues without anintegrated approach. Despite these... Read more.