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Organic Farming Innovation in Serengeti Mara Ecosystem

Organic farming is a low cost production system that relies onecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions,rather than the use of high cost inputs (synthetic fertilizers and syntheticpesticides) that have long term ad... Read more.

Stem rust- (Ug99) and stripe rusts-resistant, drought tolerant, high yielding, high quality bread and durum wheat lines

Thevariety Maamouri 3 was released in Ethiopia for dry and irrigated areas. Otherdurum varieties released, such as Malefia and Bakalcha and promising lines wereidentified in the Na... Read more.

Technology Package for Improved high yielding rice varieties : Rice variety – X265 or Mailaka

Rice is an important staple crop which is now being promoted inlowland areas of the ECA sub region. Lowland areas are known to face challengesin producing rice; thus the need to promote use of improved hig... Read more.

Utilization of Bean Innovations for Food Security and Improved Livelihoods in Eastern and Central Africa

Traditionally common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) are of great importance for household food and nutrition security, both for the rural and urban populations. Beans are high in antioxidants, fib... Read more.

Utilization of Striga-resistant sorghum varieties with fertilizer and water harvesting technologies

Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) is a key staple crop in semi-aridenvironments which plays a key role in alleviating hunger, ensuring foodsecurity and creating a surplus for sale, thus increasing rural househ... Read more.

Yarwasha: An early-maturing, drought tolerant sorghum variety for low-rainfall areas of western Sudan

In North Kordofan, sorghum occupies anarea of 336,000 ha with 122 kg/ha average productivity annually. Due tofrequent pearl millet crop failures during the last two decades, sorghumcultivation in Nor... Read more.